Volunteerism: Enriching our Community!

Every day, people in our community dedicate their time and energy to organizations they care about. The results from the 2013 General Social Survey – Giving, Volunteering and Participating from Statistics Canada indicates 44% of Canadians volunteered their time at charitable and/or non-profit organizations. Helping out in our communities provides value not only to non-profits and charitable organizations, but to the volunteers themselves.

SG volunteer Noor lends a hand at a family art class
Volunteering offers a wealth of benefits. For many people, volunteerism provides an opportunity to learn new skills that can potentially lead to a new career, or, for new grads, that all-important first job offer. For others, lending a hand enriches their lives – giving them a chance to meet new people and socialize – while also contributing to the community they live in. And in some cases, volunteerism can allow people to pursue their true passion, which they may not otherwise have the chance to do.

Non-profits and charities greatly benefit from volunteerism. And there’s an incredible reciprocal effect for both volunteers and non-profits and charities. When someone volunteers their time and skills, they’re helping organizations connect and engage with their communities. Volunteers also enable organizations to accomplish more – having extra hands on deck can increase outreach between the organization and the community.

Station Gallery is a non-profit, public art gallery that believes in the power of volunteerism. Volunteers are at the heart of everything SG does. With this is mind, SG has updated and refreshed its volunteer program to include more opportunities for community engagement. We invite everyone interested in volunteering to attend a special Volunteer Fair on Thursday, August 25 at 6:30 p.m. For more information and to register to attend, please email volunteer@nullwhitbystationgallery.com or call 905-668-4185.

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