Water Day Wednesday at SG Summer Camp

By Georgia Stavrakos

Get your sunscreen and towels ready because Wednesdays at Station Gallery Summer Camp mean it’s Water Day! In between our time in the studios creating funky, creative art pieces, campers spend their mealtimes outside to get some fresh air and their creative juices flowing. On Wednesday’s right after lunch, the Water Day wetness and fun begins! Ely, third-time returning summer camp counsellor and Water Day veteran, always helps get the excitement started.

Water Day begins with a game of water limbo, where each camper must try to limbo under the stream of water coming from the hose. Don’t cheat, though; bending the wrong way gets you a spray from the hose-holding counsellor! One of the counsellors’ favourite parts of Water Day is seeing all the silly faces as campers try to contort themselves under the stream to avoid getting drenched. Counsellor and lead summer camp photographer, Tessa, loves to capture these faces on camera! Here are a few of our favourite Water Day faces:

Next, we get our dripping sponges armed and ready for a game of Drip, Drip, Drop. This is a wet variation of Duck, Duck, Goose where the camper walks around the circle of campers and holds a sponge that they drip onto each person. When they decide on their contender, they squeeze the sponge over them and yell “Drop!” and the two race for a spot in the circle. The camper that doesn’t make it back to their spot in time gets to be the next dripper. It’s a fun game that’s perfect for a little competition and cooling off at the same time.

The next game played is an exciting obstacle race, where campers must use a cup to carry as much water as they can to the finish line where a container waits for each team. The team with the most water in their container by the end of the race wins. Campers love to cheer on their own team, as well as the competing team. We’re all about working together and supporting each other here at Station Gallery!

Last, but not least, our Water Day finale consists of a water balloon fight where campers can goof around with their friends and favourite counsellors. “The water balloons were so much fun,” said camper Tegan. “Everyone was able to get a balloon and I hit a counsellor- it was so funny! Can we have some more balloons?”

There’s no better way to cool off this summer than Water Day Wednesdays at Station Gallery! It’s an entertaining way to beat the summer heat and take a break from the amazing work happening in our art studios each day. Join us so we can see your Water Day face!

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