Wish List

Our Spring / Summer Wish List

Your trash just might be our treasure! We’d love any of the following items:

  • Two One new or gently used portable cd player so we can rock in the studios. (One received! Thank you Rick Fita!)
  • Pottery wheels (We now have three but would love to have more so we can run a full class!)
  • A folding trolley so we can cart supplies from our cars to the gallery and from the gallery back to our cars!
  • Artist aprons – kids and adult sizes
  • Speedball soft rubber brayers – 2”, 4” & 6”
  • 12 spiral bound sketchbooks
  • Wood carving tools
  • 6”x6” gel plates
  • Canvas boards – all shapes and sizes
  • New toaster oven
  • Picnic table
  • 36” precision straight edge from Takach Press

Thank you for the goodies!

Let us kow if you’ll be dropping something off

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